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About us cheap airline tickets

Are you tired of finding the best online flight booking site that offers cheap airline tickets for travel? FLYING1SKY is here for you. We offer an easy to use platform for the online taxi, tickets, flights, and hotel booking. We are inspired by the ever-growing demand for flights and travel. Our platform is built with the end-user in mind. Imagine how awesome it is booking a flight from the comfort of your home. Don’t dilly-dally, visit FLYING1SKY and enjoy the best and cheapest air tickets today!

As a matter of fact, if you are planning for an adventure in any part of the world, you need to have everything in order before leaving your home to avoid any inconvenience during the trip. Our all-in-one platform makes it easy, cheap, and fun to book for your travel requirement. We offer our customers a money-back guarantee and they can cancel their travel free of charge. We believe in ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.

FLYING1SKY is your best choice for international travel, in case you are planning to visit different cities in the United States, UK, Israel, Brazil, India, and any other country in the world. We have connections with over 728 airlines, 45 agencies, and our platform has 5 booking system. All this has been done to ensure that the travelers enjoy a hassle-free trip with no intermediaries.

Over the years, we have been strong advocates towards travel for leisure or business. Don’t be baffled when planning your next international adventure as we have everything you need to be catered for. Book your flight, 5-star hotel, and get a taxi to pick you up from the airport upon arrival. Our platform has made everything look simple and direct for all customers.

Our Services

Why travel with us?

Enjoy world-class cabin services

You couldn’t miss our world-class cabin services if you travel with us. We offer professional in-flight catering and entertainment to ensure your travel remains memorable.

24/7 customer support

Communication is key when on travel. Our customer support team ensures that travelers receive instant responses to any query they have. This makes adventures with FLYING1SKY fantastic.

1 hour waiting time at the airport included for taxi services

Never get perplexed on arrival at the airport as the taxi services offer an adventurer 1-hour waiting time at the airport. This ensures that the travelers have every luggage in order and none of the goods he or she possesses are displaced. The taxi will then take the travelers to their booked rooms or hotel.

Cheap tickets

The fact that we have connections with major airlines has made it easy for our customers to purchase the cheap airline tickets for travel. One can select from a huge list of airlines on our platform and choose the airline which suits his or her budget.

Easy to use platform

Our booking system is developed with the customers in mind. We understand that not all of our customers are tech-savvy and therefore the UI and UX of the platform are among the easiest to use on the planet.

We are travel experts

Having been in the travel industry for years, we believe we have gained massive experience. All the travelers trust us as we work with world-leading airlines, ground handlers, touring agencies to develop a responsible, real, and authentic experience to our customers.

Our Mission

Ensuring affordable adventure and providing our customers with customized and unique air transportation experiences through an environment that fosters continuous improvement, teamwork, and growth for our employees and profitability for the company.

Ensuring travelers enjoy our services to the fullest – Travelers being the main customers, we work tirelessly to ensure that their experience with us is not regrettable. We believe that our customers are always right and we greatly appreciate their feedback. We also consider the security of our clients and employees as the first priority for the services we offer.

Our Vision

  • Spreading our travel destinations and accommodation across the world by partnering with tour agencies and connecting with more airlines.
  • Achieving short and long haul goals efficiently at a low cost for improved travelers’ support.
  • Ensuring that our customers enjoy the best flight possible each and every day.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Diligence and discipline
  • Trustworthiness

Traveling for fun

Anytime you book with us, be sure of great experiences that will bring a lot of fun starting with luxurious hotels, amazing taxis, and flight services which are cost-effective. Our workforce is also always determined to offer the best and quality services to our esteemed customers which renders our services more enjoyable. Our platform is also user-friendly and in case of difficulty, our response team is readily available for you.

Did you know that work without play makes Jack a dull boy? Enjoying your life watching the serene Rome architecture, Costa Rica beaches, African safari, and more can’t harm. Traveling will always reduce stress and bring fun to your life. Just book a flight and travel to any destination across the world via FLYING1SKY today!

In reality, traveling internationally has been made easy by FLYING1SKY. Traditionally it was hectic to book a flight, imagine taking the whole day queueing at the airport waiting to book a flight. It is a total waste of time. Today, by the courtesy of the technological advancements you can book a flight, taxi, and a hotel from your own house using your smartphone. Never get astonished while booking any service with us. You can search for the cheapest hotels and rooms worldwide with a click of a button.

Are you that person who is inspired by travel? FLYING1SKY has the best traveling tips to help you plan your holiday or business trip at the top destinations in the world. Exploring the cheap airline tickets for travel, economical accommodation and flight deals across the world has been made extremely affordable, fast, and easy. We pride ourselves as world leaders in the flights and travel industry.

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