Travel means booking a round-trip ticket for many of us. As you travel from A to B, you return to A again once it’s time to go home, sometimes with a layover or two, depending on where and when you are. Round-trip flights are not always the most economical option. Combining one-way tickets can sometimes get you to your destination faster and for less money. If you’re considering using one-way online flight booking to keep trip costs down, here are a few things to keep in mind. Interested? We’ve compiled some tips and tricks for saving money on one-way flights. Check them out and see if they work for you.

How does a one-way flight work?

Most people will look for round-trip tickets when booking a trip, thus booking their flight to and from a destination in one click. Booking your flights through this one-stop-shop is convenient and easy, but it is not the only option. Consider the possibility of searching for one-way online flight booking to and from your destination separately, rather than immediately booking the first round-trip flight that appears appealing. If you’re looking for savings, you may find that two one-way flights are cheaper than booking a round-trip flight. Compare your options before you book, even if this isn’t always the case.

Here are some ways you can save money on one-way flights

Booking different flights with different airlines
One round-trip flight with one airline might be the easiest option, but it might not be the quickest or most cost-effective. By splitting your trip into segments and buying a separate ticket (also known as “split ticketing”) for each segment, you can potentially save money. It is best to search for online flight booking using well-known hub airports that serve as gateway airports if you plan on using this method of booking. The trick is to experiment with various flight paths, using those popular hubs, to determine which routes are the most cost-effective. It is important to note, however, that if you book different legs with different airlines, you won’t have the comfort of knowing you’ll be rebooked if there are delays.
One-way flights between several cities
Booking one-way trips between different cities are the most cost-effective way to travel when you have multiple destinations, such as in Europe or Southeast Asia. You might use these tickets, for example, if you wanted to fly into Paris, travel throughout Europe by train or car for two weeks, and then fly home from Rome. In this manner, you can create a route that suits your travel needs rather than having to backtrack.
Throwaway tickets
It is also known as “hidden city ticketing” and is legal, but airlines don’t like it and it can often be against their rules. Flying via a connecting hub, you get off at the hub and “throwaway” the last leg of the trip because it’s a less expensive ticket than just flying to the hub. It could be cheaper to book a ticket that travels from A to B to C rather than one that only travels from A to B, so you skip the leg that goes to C.
Make sure you do your research
It is impossible to guarantee that every time you book a flight you will receive the best price. Doing as much research as possible and looking at all your options is the best way to find the most affordable option for you. One-way flights are no different. While they are an option to consider, make sure that booking a round trip isn’t even cheaper. Since flight prices can change quickly, research is crucial. Choose for online flight booking and get the best price.