How to get compensation for a flight delay ?

How to get compensation for a flight delay? For most people, air travel is a smooth-sailing experience. Unfortunately, flight delays do occur. But don’t worry! If you’ve been on a delayed flight, especially that arrives three hours or more late, you may be able to claim compensation for flight delays. Flying1sky presents the best read to help you learn more about air passenger rights and what to do when your flight is delayed. 

An airport with passenger sitting due to delayed flight

When it comes to air travel, flight delays and cancellations are regular occurrences. It is essential to understand your rights and what you are entitled to compensation as a result of delays or cancellations.

A delay always means your plans are disrupted, whether you are going on a holiday or travelling for business. Generally, airlines refuse to pay legal compensation. The main reasons for not getting benefits are lack of – knowledge, expertise, time, as well as passengers’ not following a claim all the way through. At AirHelp, you will get the perfect solution to your problem, as they have a team of international experts to assist passengers.

Most people accept a flight delay easily as these happen regularly. But for these annoying delayed flights, you can get money if you claim for it. Flights delayed by three hours or more grant entitlement to up to GBP 220, GBP 220, or even up to GBP 530 in compensation. But very few passengers know this information. Lack of knowledge of the reasons they can claim compensation is the main reason why passengers don’t often claim the money.


Claim compensation for delayed flights; know how?

You will get the compensation for which you are entitled to. For passengers, airlines tend to make the procedure virtually impossible to get compensation; that is why AirHelp is there.

For compensation, you can quickly check if your flight should qualify and how much. This is only a preliminary assessment. Submit your claim with AirHelp and get proper information about this. Your claim can be invalid under several circumstances. So before going to the airline, one should ask AirHelp to investigate the claim and let them know if it is valid.

Find out the length of your trip

In most cases, air passengers don’t know the exact distance between their departure and landing points.

Mostly, flights shorter than 1500km take less than two hours. Usually, flights between 1500km and 3500km are with duration of two to four and a half hours. It is a very simple way to get a rough idea about your trip’s length. Usually, flights that last longer than four and a half hours exceed 3500 km.  

If your flight’s delayed for three or more hours

In case the flight arrives more than 3 hours late, you’re entitled to get compensation given that it’s the airline’s fault. For example – if there was a technical fault or they didn’t get enough bookings.

If the delay was because of something outside the airline’s control, you’re unlikely to get compensation like bad weather or a security risk.

If your flight is cancelled:

You may get a replacement flight to get you to your destination

  • Through a journey if you’re part-way and you don’t want a replacement flight, you also have a right to a flight back to the airport you originally departed from.
  • You can ask for a refund or replacement at the airport. You can claim from the airline later if not.

You also have a legal right to:

  • If the cancellation delays you two or more hours, we can help with costs.
  • By the replacement flight offered, if you’d be delayed two or more hours and you were given less than two weeks’ notice, you can get the compensation.

Replacement flight!

For your replacement flight, if you have to wait long enough, the airline legally has to help you with things you need. This includes:

  • Food and drink
  • Access to phone calls and emails
  • Accommodation – if you’re delayed overnight, as well as journeys between the airport and the hotel

Sometimes, extraordinary circumstances like bad weather conditions may be the reason for the delay. In such cases, you may not be able to get compensation. However, technical problems are usually not considered extraordinary circumstances. The airline’s obligation is Aircraft maintenance. Therefore, if a mechanical problem prevents a flight from departing on time, the carrier would not have fulfilled its responsibilities.


So, due to technical issues, if your flight was delayed, you could claim flight delay compensation.


Force majeure events!

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Simple steps to follow to get your claim!

Submit your flight details – Sign the claim – wait for the money

With AirHelp, you will get complicated things made comfortable. Here is how:

  • Save your time. There is no need to through a lot of procedures, as AirHelp takes care of everything by itself. 
    • Save your money. Would you help to make a claim against the airline or sooner or later decide to search for legal advice, you’ll have to cover all the related expenses yourself. How much does that going to cost you? It ultimately depends on a variety of things. But with AirHelp, you just need to pay only some of the amount of compensation — no need to pay administration fees or tax expenses also. No upfront fees.
    • Get Zero risks. When you claim your refund with AirHelp, you won’t lose your money. For some reason if they’re unable to collect your compensation, no fees will be charged.

    Delayed flight? Don’t worry; you will get the compensation!