There is a need for a booking engine for every hotel that wants to grow and hold on to direct bookings online. With the booking engine, a hotel can accept online booking on its official website. Many travellers prefer hotel booking online and with a booking engine, a hotel can stay ahead of its competitor and grow. Ever wonder why Online Travel Agents(OTAs) are successful at capturing booking? Is simply because they make use of optimized booking engine technology on their pages for converting users. Providing a secure, simple and seamless hotel or room booking experience for travellers.

Optimized for Mobile

The use of mobile for hotel booking is increasing daily, as many travellers now prefer using their mobile devices to book a hotel. For a hotel booking engine to be effective in converting users the content should be well displayed and function on every device. Hotel search engines being optimized for mobile means that mobile users should be able to book seamlessly.

Integration With Hotel Metasearch Sites

Most travellers make use of metasearch when looking for a hotel online to book to get a better offer or deal. The metasearch sites help travellers to compare room rates from different online agencies and other booking sites. On the other hand, it increases hotel exposure and cost-effective way of promoting a hotel or brand. It is a fact that the journey of direct booking has moved to metasearch. Therefore there will be a need for the hotel to have a booking engine that integrates with hotel metasearch sites.


Being able to customize it with images, descriptions and logo help to create brand awareness. It provides a good user experience for the guest with easy booking and helps to increase the hotel online reputation. The visibility of the hotel logo throughout the booking process gives the assurance that they are still on the right platform. This will help to build a relationship between users and the hotel which as a result will enhance awareness. The booking engine should be customizable for a hotel so that they can give their users a better experience and boost their brand awareness and reputation.

Access To Global and International Market

To reach travellers from international countries, a hotel booking engine should have different payment methods and support multiple languages. It will be difficult for a hotel that doesn’t have these to convert travellers of different languages. And to even increase their market reach will be a challenge.

Bottom Line

Online room booking shouldn’t be stressful or difficult for travellers. The metasearch sites can help you as a traveller to get the cheapest hotel booking online. As they can do a price comparison with other sites or travel agencies before making payment. For hotels that want to improve their direct hotel booking online, the hotel booking engine will be of great help to them. As you plan your next trip know that with your mobile phone you can easily book accommodation.