Have you ever found a flight booking online on a website with the option to choose your seat and you wonder why? Or even ask if it is worth it. Some people see seat selection as insurance for flight, even though you have to pay a little extra just to pre-book your seat. Let’s quickly take a look at reasons why you should consider paying that little extra to pre-book your seat and you can then decide if it is worth it or not.

You Can Choose Your Preferred Seat

Pre-booking your seat gives you the option of choosing any sit of your choice that is available on the plane. If you don’t pre-book your seat there are chances that your preferred seat have already been selected. When you check in online some airlines won’t allow you to choose your seat for free. Most passengers prefer the window seats so that they can enjoy the views and very few will want to take the middle seat. You can choose the window, aisle, middle, front or rear of the cabin seats depending on your preference. If you want to choose your preferred seat then you should pre-book your seat.

Airlines Are Not Obligated to Sit Groups Or Families Together

Airlines are not obligated to sit parents and children together including groups. So there is no assurance of sitting close or next to your children or travelling group when you fail to pre-book your seat. To avoid begging for seats when travelling in groups then you should pre-book your seats. And it will also save you from worrying about your sitting arrangement when you get to the airport.

For Perfect Trip

If you are someone that doesn’t like to fly, you should at least your seat to make yourself comfortable. When you don’t seat comfortably or you are being disturbed due to sitting on the aisle seat, it will worsen your travelling experience and your trip. There is nothing as bad as sitting with an annoying person on a flight. Even with a cheap flight book, that shouldn’t stop you from having a perfect trip to your destination.

At Check-in Airlines Reserve Some Seats

If you are planning to choose any seats that are not selected before airport check-in, you are deceiving yourself. The reason is that some seats are reserved by airlines for operational or emergency purposes. But if you have selected your seat during your flight booking online then your seat will not be among.


Pre-booking your seat will save you the stress of arriving at the airport early and you don’t have to worry about being given a seat that is not favourable because you check-in late. So if you don’t just want to be allocated any seat on the plane that won’t comfortably pre-book your seat when making your flight booking online. For a perfect trip pre-book your seat.