Trying to find the cheapest online flights booking right now? When you have tools to let you search for airfare like the pros, it’s easy to be your travel agent. As a starting point, we’ve compiled a list of international flight itineraries with great airfare deals right now, compared to what they normally cost. Next, our travel experts share top search tips that will help you find the perfect flight at the right price for your next vacation.

Finding the best flight deals

Whatever your search needs are, we have you covered. Whether there wasn’t an itinerary that caught your eye above or you want to add more search tricks to your toolkit, we have you covered. The search for deals can be made even more fruitful with a few simple hacks.

Be flexible

Look for nearby airports. It is important to include all possible airports in your search if you live near more than one airport or your destination is serviced by more than one.

Keep your options open. You can save a lot on airfare by being flexible with where you travel. Online flight booking for cheap flights at home and abroad can be done now using a search filter.

Take a look at other dates. You can still visit the destination you have in mind during the off-season and shoulder seasons, and for much less money (this goes for hotel rates, too). You can also save money by changing your departure and arrival days (such as flying out on a Tuesday instead of a Friday).

Adapt your search habits

Buy two round-trip tickets. You can sometimes save money by buying two one-way tickets instead of roundtrip tickets. Perhaps the price difference is due to a sale by an airline or to the fact that your one-way tickets are from two different carriers.

Combine cash and miles. Can you transfer airline miles or credit card points to an airline partner? If you don’t have enough points for a roundtrip ticket, you can still use them towards a one-way departure or return ticket. Simply purchase the second one-way ticket with cash.

Look for the best price. Searches for online flights booking are typically driven by dates. Choose “Cheapest Month” instead of actual dates in the search panel. We’ll show you the cheapest flights available right now, broken down by day so you can grab the cheapest flight.

You can search on your phone

You can check prices by day. On our website, you can pull up the calendar and see flight prices by day for your itinerary when you search for flights. Green-colored dates are the most affordable. When you choose one departure date and another return date, you’ll be able to see some of the lowest rates available for your itinerary.

Be notified when prices drop. Several factors affect the price of airfare during the week. Checking rates every day isn’t necessary. To be notified when the airfare changes for your chosen itinerary.