Hotel booking online using smartphones have gained popularity over the years and has become one of the most preferred means of reserving hotel by travellers. The truth of the matter is that the convenience of booking hotels on mobile phones cannot be compared with that of PC or laptop. Moreover, people are always with their phone and they can just unlock it, search for hotels, look through the results, select their choice, fill in details, make payment and confirmation will be sent to them. It is that simple and easy to book a hotel with your smartphone.

How Can Hotels Increase Mobile Bookings?

The importance of mobile hotel booking in this generation cannot be overemphasized. Let’s look at how it can be increased.

Get A Mobile-friendly Website

You need to ensure your website is optimized for mobiles. The reason this is very important is to give those that visit your website a good user experience. Making your website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate will help in converting guests.

Keep The Reservation Form Simple and Short

Filling a long reservation form will frustrate your users and as a matter of fact, no one likes it. The too-long reservation form can make a guest book from other hotels because business is the order of the day. People want quick reservations that don’t take too much of their time. Name, contact number and email ID should b enough information. Other information can be gotten once the guest arrives.

Accelerate payment process

Some people are always sceptical about payment when they have to make room bookings online. The fear of what if the booking is not successful and the amount is already debited. Who will they hold responsible for the amount that was debited and how long it will take for the money to be refunded. Optimizing the payment process by partnering with the best payment gateway provider will accelerate the payment process. Ensure there is provision for various payment options so guests can choose a payment method that is more suitable for them. You also want to keep international travellers in mind by providing payment options for them on your website or App.

Invest In building App

Nowadays when you check online many hotels and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) have booking apps. Though some hotels think is an expensive and complicated building App but that is not true. Some many organizations and individuals can help with building a hotel booking App at a very affordable price.

Ensure Call To Action (CTA) is embedded on Each Page

As you try to improve or increase mobile booking on your website also ensure there is CTA on every page. This will help your guest to quickly and easily make a reservation once they see what they want.


Using smartphones for booking has made things easy for everyone. It should be a focus for every hotel that want to stay ahead of their competitors. Listed above are just some ways to increase mobile booking.