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Top 10 Future Theme Parks

The electrifying news for adventure and entertainment enthusiasts could not be any less than flashing an update on the future theme parks around the world. While the internet talks about the prospects, we are taking you on a witty ride to these fun themed parks to satisfy your wonderworld cravings.

Before you make your way inside any one of these, you must wait a bit longer to experience a few ones while others are just your way. For now, hold your pens and mark the calendars as you read through the list of future theme parks.


1. Nickelodeon Universe – 2019

A colourful indoor theme park 

As the name specifies, Nickelodeon was up to something exciting lately! New Jersey just saw the biggest Nickelodeon indoor theme park opening in American Dream Mall, which houses retail and entertainment simultaneously. It features fun rides from the merry-go-round to thrilling roller coasters, almost fit to the desires of any age. Various Nick characters show up in the form of statues, rides, decor and costumed characters jiggling all around. So, if you adore SpongeBob’s optimism, feel sorry for Squidward Tentacles’ life or love being among the PAW Petrol team then set out to meet them on a bigger picture.

This 8-acres fun factory will fulfill your adventurous longings to a great extent. Hop in for the world’s steepest roller coasters and longest spinning coasters ride at Nickelodeon Universe by booking your flights to Orlando.

2. LEGOLAND New York Resort -2020

A picture containing text, indoor park,, children and statues

New York is looking forward to the largest ever LEGOLAND set to open on its grounds on July 4, 2020. The fascinating part is that this 150-acre upcoming theme park will be built of some 30 million Lego bricks holding a cost estimation of $350 million.  Its rides and shows are tailored for people of all ages because Lego-love is beyond the age boundaries.

The ultimate Lego city features 4D cinemas, driving and firefighting thrills for juniors, Lego castle, brick party and a lot to explore onboard.

3. 20th Century Fox World – 2020

An outdoor view of theme park constructional ste

Subjected to numerous delays, 20th Century Fox World is anticipated to come to life by 2020 after the dispute settlement between the partners 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company. The Genting group planned to build a park theming movie characters of the mass media company 21st Century Fox at Genting Highlands Resort in Malaysia. 250 acres of this upcoming theme park will accommodate thrilling rides and loads of exciting activities based on Ice Age, Rio, Night at the Museum, Planet of the Apes, Life of Pi, Alien vs. Predator, and Titanic.

As a result of the lawsuit filed by both parties, the name of the respective park, with a 10-year master plan, is expected to change its name at later developmental stages.

4. Six Flags Zhejiang – 2020

Aerial view of future theme park site with water boats and other play areas

China partnerships with Six Flags to come up with a park themed around characters such as Looney Tunes, Garfield, and Tuzki, among others. It’s situated in Haiyan in Zhejiang province. The future park features delightful roller coaster rides, water slides, fantastic live shows, and various other activities to get amused from.

Six Flag’s construction is in progress at the project cost estimation of $4.6 billion which calls to put this bespoke park in your 2020’s bucket list.

5. Heidi Alperlebnis– 2020

A lush green swiss alps of Heidi future theme park construction site

If Heidi had been your favorite childhood story that you slept listening to every night, then get ready for a fully immersive and redefined Heidi experience. Johanna Spyri’s famous fictional Heidi is coming to life in the charming Swiss Alps in 2020. The local developers insist that it is created in complement with the existing small Heididorf theme park nearby, and not in competition with it. It’s a $98 million budgeted mountain park which is expected to connect visitors with cable cars from surrounding Tannenboden village. Hotels facility onboard and huge underground parking is a part of the project proposal.

Switzerland is everybody’s once in a lifetime dream destination, plus if you are a Heidi fan then 2020 vacations call for Switzerland. Enjoy the double treat in a single ticket!

6. London Resort -2020

A magical castle with lakes and bridges in upcoming theme park

Paramount Pictures first announced the construction of their movies-inspired theme park in 2012 but later pulled out in 2017 resulting in the delay of its building. Despite this back lag, it’s continued to be brought into reality as soon as in the early 2020s. The London Resort comprises indoor entertainment complex, theaters, water parks and much more on the list, residing only 17 minutes away from the city center. Paramount Pictures still permitted the authorities to use licensed rides based on their films.

This anxiously-awaited proejct on the list of future theme parks could be anyone’s dream destination in a few years’ time and is worth the wait. International hand-picked brands will make their way into the park’s premises giving visitors a unique experience. 


7. Universal Beijing Resort – 2021

An upcoming universal beijing resort outdoor

Beijing’s Tongzhou District is waiting for its 420-acres extensive resort set to be opened in 2021. After its success in Florida, Japan, and Singapore, it comes to China to celebrate some of the most cherished and sought-after characters at a whole new level. The extremely anticipated theme park features fun rides, shows and all-new attractions for its visitors. Its design is planned to incorporate a reflection on China’s cultural heritage. In its initial construction phase, it will include a world-famous Universal Studios theme park, Universal CityWalk retail, cafeterias, and an entertainment composite. A primitive Universal themed resort hotel will make its first impression on the Universal land. Beijing Tourism Group will open its luxury Nuo Hotel on Universal’s territory as well.

WaterWorld, Kung Fu Panda, Transformers, Minion Land, Isla Nubular Jurassic Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and what other awesomeness left to be showcased? Get ready for having a redefined theme park experience at Universal Beijing Resort. 


8. Sesame Street Theme Park – 2021

An outdoor theme park with children and characters playing

Sesame Street-themed park, originally based in Philadelphia, is scheduled to open its gates in 2021 in San Diego, USA.  Spread across 17-acres of land, the magic of Sesame Street will house 11 water attractions, 500,000 gallons of a wave pool. Parents and children will experience the excitement together in the interactive Sesame Street neighborhood, where characters will perform live, hold parades, photo sessions and many more from the world of furry friends.

It will hold the designation of the first-ever theme park that houses the Certified Autism Center, which will benefit parents to make their autistic children interact and amuse more. Fun rides, slides, and aquatic games call for a summer at chillout Sesame Place.

9. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – 2022

A futurer theme pas and other activitiesrk with water sport

A first-of-its-kind marine life themed park, SeaWorld, is coming soon to Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island in partnership with Miral. Its sealife-friendly model will include research and rehabilitation aspects of marine life with topmost facilities to conserve and care for local marine species. It is all set to bring a world-class aquarium, mega attractions, and a family-oriented resort.

Book your tickets to Abu Dhabi to have exhilarating water adventures and close contact with our undiscovered sea world! Book your hotel in the royal world of Abu Dhabi with us.


10. Studio Ghibli – 2022

A theme park with children playing around

One on the list of top 10 future theme parks is planned by a renowned Japanese film studio, Studio Ghibli, is set to showcase in 2022. As you invade a 500-acres area, reminiscence will engulf you from Howl’s Moving Castle and Whisper of the Heart’s antique shop. This park has cinemas, exhibition galleries, and many joyful play areas on its project plan. Popular pictures including Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away will be reflected upon to bring the essence of narration to life.

Time’s gotten slow already, right? Let’s cross our fingers for the parks’ timely completion and keeps our hopes high from the Ghibli.



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