Tour Guide – Brazil

Expanding over more than half of the South American continent, Brazil ranks the largest among other South American countries. It’s geographical massiveness and exotic biodiversity is unparalleled to any other region in the world which attracts tourists from all over the world for an exquisite sightseeing experience. Flying1sky brings you a comprehensive tour guide on Brazil to help you plan a productive itinerary and some valuable tips to hang on.

Why travel to Brazil?

Brazil welcomes all for endless sightseeing and intoxicating diversity across the country. One can observe a strong Portuguese influence over many sites in Brazil which is evident from its constructional designs, churches and colonial architecture which dates to 1822 until when Brazil was reigned by the colonial power. Brazil is an exciting place to be discovered culturally, and tropically with forest explorations to walking through artistic and contemporary settings. Hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics and the FIFA World Cup of 2014, Rio de Janeiro has set tourism eyes on its grounds.

Flights and airport transfers

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Tip: Plan and book your tickets ahead of time to economize your tour

Getting around in Brazil

To get started, there lie multiple options for airport arrivals in Brazil. Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro marks a major arrival option in Brazil. It is a busy airport located approximately 18 miles from the city. Here you can ride a taxi or public transport such as the metro to get to the city. It is advised to take metered or pre-booked cabs to ensure payment of fair charges. Another Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), São Paulo lies around 10 miles from the city center. You can find comfortable long-route buses to ride on till your destination. To avoid getting overcharged by private taxis and vehicles, pre-book a driver to meet you right where you exit the airport. There are several other domestic flights to choose from when traveling beyond these main cities which are costly but may save you big if you plan your itinerary well in advance.

Tip: Expect infuriated driving in the country to avoid getting frustrated

Brazil Climate Guide

Brazil gets tourists round the year owing to its diverse temperatures which remain usually pleasant around 60F to 80F in some areas. There are weather extremities across Brazil that provide a range of climatic conditions to experience from including tropical, arid, highland- and sub-tropical climate. As most of the region sits in tropics so the weather is generally warm barely dropping below 68F. As you travel Southwards, climate splits up into dry months from March to November and wet months from December to February. June-September can experience what called is “Brazilian winters” with cool evenings and pleasing daytimes. Midsummer in the coastal cities of Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador, and Natal have hot and humid weather. Temperatures may rise above 100F making summertime scorching. On the contrary, São Paulo is geographically elevated due to which it enjoys chills, so be sure to dress up cozy. Porto Alegre and Curitiba in the south are subtropical with high temperatures in summer and freezing temperatures during winter. In the Amazon region, daytimes are normally warm and humid with rainy season prevailing from November to May making its environment feasible for the enrichment of flora and fauna. The northeastern coast gets rainy in June and July, late in the afternoons normally.

Tip: Cover your body and carry insect repellants to the forested areas

Tourist Attractions in Brazil

The contemporary architecture and distinctively planned towns of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, mark it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It rests atop the highlands in the center-western region of Brazil. You can take a bus tour to see the premium architecture around. Get inside the most adorned Sanctuario Dom Bosco sanctuary that exhibits a fancy shiny blue light through enormous glass windows and many other government buildings and residential towns all exhibiting the finest construction of the 20th century. Get the layout of the city from the 734 ft tall Brasilia TV that reveals an astounding city overview. Find a variety of accommodations in Brasilia, here.

View of land and sea area including green lawns and roads from top of the TV Tower in Brasilia, Brazil
Brasilia city view from atop TV Tower

If you are venturous and wishes ecotourism, you would find plenty of things to do on the Brazilian side of Iguacu National Park lying on the border of Brazil and Argentina in the State of Paraná. The wonderous waterfalls of Iguacu will leave you in admiration. Start with birdwatching in Bird Park situated nearby. You can enjoy the facility of a shuttle bus as well to get around on longer routes. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and gear up for a hectic fun-filled day. Don’t forget to bring along mosquito repellents as you’ll be right in the middle of the Atlantic Forest! Satisfy your photography cravings in front of the Devil’s Throat waterfall on a 1.5 km Cataratas Trail where you can come across wild animals along the way. Experience the safari fun ride and stroll on various trails and walkways amidst Nature.

To explore culture and heritage more deeply, add Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo to your destination list. Lodge into the city center and find yourself the best accommodation options in São Paulo. One can find architectural landmarks in this historical city and many fine arts museums which will take you back in time. The Museu de Arte is a showcase of the western art collection galleries depicting Renaissance through modernity. Ibirapuera Park accommodates Museu de Arte Contemporanea displays a huge collection of artworks from 20th-century western artists a few to name are Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, Miró, and Modigliani.

Nightview of astounding architecture of São Paulo in Brazil
Nightview of São Paulo

In many Brazilian cities, you will find carnivals such as in Recife or Bahia, that you don’t want to miss. It’s an extravagant samba dancing and parade sight in the Rio carnival that sits in your memories for long, best if you are visiting there in February. Salvador has a vibrant mix-culture atmosphere. You can start your day by walking around the shops, bars, and restaurants of Pelourinhoand dive into the Afro-Brazilian music group in Olodum Rehearsal. Close to the evening, experience the incredible sunset view over Baía de Todos Santos in serenity.

Get yourself indulged in Brazilian beauty by dwelling in one of these hotels in Rio de Janeiro. Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro offers magnificent viewpoints over the city from its 394 meters protruding rock peak which is a famed emblem of this city. Hop into the must-ride cable car that connects Sugarloaf Mountain to Praia Vermelha and runs every 30 minutes on an approximate route of 1500 meters with a layover at Morro da Urca in the middle. Upon arrival, visit star-shaped Fort São João in the Urca neighborhood of the Rio city.

A landscape with river, boats and a mountain peak and harbour
Sugar Laof mountain peak, Rio de Janeiro

One can always envision the “big Christ sculpture” when visualizing Rio de Janeiro.  Christo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), the Art Deco-style statue of Jesus Christ, stands tall on the summit of Mount Corcovado, in southeastern Brazil. Trip to Rio wouldn’t be complete without having a picture in front of Christo Redentor sculpture by getting up close to 2,326 ft high stature.

The sunny and sanded seashores of Rio de Janeiro are your utmost pick if you are a beach person. Brazilian thriving beach culture and one of the most famous beaches is the Copacabana in downtown Rio. Wander the streets along the beachfront to relish eateries and upscale shopping followed by having a sun-kissed moment at the beach. Monasteries, cathedrals and much more in downtown Rio need a full day to be explored. Further along the coast, in Porto de Galinhas, ride a water boat to see those swimming tropical sea creatures and experience the scuba diving giving you a remarkable touch of the underwater world especially coral reefs.

Climb up the colorful Lapa Steps which is a true artwork masterpiece in the Lapa neighborhood. These stunningly decorated 215 stair steps will lead you to the artist community of Santa Teresa.

Tip: Get a helicopter flight over Rio de Janeiro to experience spectacular city framing

Surely expedition to the mighty Amazon Forest of Brazil is in everyone’s once-in-a-lifetime bucket list. Brazil holds 60% of the Amazon region that you don’t want to miss out on. Get an immersive experience in the jungle close to a variety of ecosystems. Amazon offers wildlife sighting, biodiversity observation, and life in wooden lodges. One can book guided excursions for an in-depth exploration of the forested area.

You can find a mix of economical and luxury accommodation options in the Amazon rainforest depending upon how you prioritize your stay close to nature. The Amazon welcomes you to ride on small or large river cruises moving along narrow tributaries across the jungle. Memories of this exquisitely remote and scenic location will never fade away.

A suspension bridge in the middle of thick rainforest
Suspension bridge amidst nature in the Amazon Rainforest

Beyond Manaus, there lies a miraculous river of invisible boundaries meeting the dark Rio Negro and Solimões River, also known as Encontro das Águas (The Meeting of Waters) which marks it as a top tourist destination. This unique phenomenon can be observed closely by taking guided tours that will navigate you through each important surrounding aspect.

Brazilian Food

Dine in for scrumptious and assorted cuisines in Brazil. To satisfy your Barbeque cravings, Brazilian Barbeque is a must-try. Churrascaria Palace is one of the famous iconic eateries to dine-in for a barbeque. Por kilo is a good pick where you are charged based on the laden weight of your plate. Confeitaria Colombo gives you the perfect classical music ambiance to enjoy a memorable meal. Continental and seasonal cuisines are widely available in all the main resorts and cities. The Amazonian fruits and plants are widespread across Brazil. Plenty of seafood and fish from local rivers can be relied on.

Brazil has many regional and traditional specialties that you must not overlook. The traditional brigadeiro milk chocolate is one thing you should not go without trying. These condensed milk truffle balls delicately engulfed by chocolate sprinkles are such a treat to your taste buds! Super traditional cuisine açaí is considered there a post-beach snack. You can try it as a liquid or in a powdered form. Romeu and Julieta, guava paste submerged in mild white cheese, is another marvelous snack to try from Brazilian foods. Feijoada is another commonly eaten pot of black beans with meat. Look around for other countless options or immerse with locals to try more. A tempting mixed grilled meat, Churrasco, is served with flour and salad.

Shopping and Nightlife

In all major cities of Brazil, shops stay open late in the evening from Mondays to Saturdays. Major shopping areas open on Sundays as well. Fancy malls and shopping boulevards are easy to spot, equipped with cinema and other entertainment facilities to get amused.  Rio de Janeiro and Salvador offer antique jewelry and handicrafts to take along home as a souvenir. Spend your afternoon shopping in Mercado uruguaiana, located on the eastern shore of Uruguay River, where you can get some good spending deals including famed Haviana flip-flop sandals.

Brazilians are high in nightlife and parties. One can expect a bunch of social and lively night out in the clubs. A few hotspots for live music and dance may satisfy your midnight festive cravings. Main cities of Rio, São Paulo and Salvador offers samba dances, bars, and top international DJs for your stylish hangouts.

Tip: Get recognition of basic Portuguese words to mingle with locals

Top picked hotels in Brazil

Flying1sky gives you terrific deals for choosing your accommodation in Brazil to economize on your tour. Easter week is the recommended time to travel to Brazil. You can also plan your tour dates in coordination with February’s festival.