Many people around the world dream of traveling around the world. Sure it sounds too luxurious and posh, but there are many ways you can travel to any destination in the world without breaking your bank account. It might not be very realistic for you to believe, but if you learn how to check off most of your desired things to do abroad with a few hacks, you can just about see around the whole world within a shoestring budget. 

Book your flight tickets months in advance

It’s classic travel advice, is not it? But this is where you can save the biggest part of your travel budget. Hence, if you are planning to go on a sure vacation trip abroad, the prime time to book your tickets is about four months prior. Typically, the flight cost is the highest and can easily be one of the essential variants of your travel budgeting. The main advantage of booking your flight tickets in advance is that you can get many sales and offers if you book online travel platforms and through flight ticketing portals. You can potentially save about 20% – 30%. In addition to that, explore other alternative flight connections, as it would cost you less if you fly to your destination with multiple stops. You can grab a chance to book cheap tickets for Malaysia ,Japan , USA or Italy etc. 

Browse online for package deals

Earlier, the vacation packages only included conventional traveling in the coaching system. But now, you can take advantage of making your personalized vacation package with various online touring expert platforms. These package deals would not just benefit you with the price factor but also through time in choosing accommodation, commuting, and food facility. 

Consider going to travel in groups

If you want to bring a company with you, that’s good for private vacation trips. But if you are to go on an extensive traveling trip, especially around the world, traveling in a group would surely allow you to get better travel package deals with less cost. Since the package includes sharing the accommodation facility with groups, it would further reduce your budget without having to compromise with the comfort factor. Even while you are on the travel to explore the local attractions, ordering food and doing other activities as a group can reduce your touring expense. Another advantage of traveling in a group means there will always be someone who can take your pictures. 

Plan your journey during the offseason

Just as in booking flight tickets in advance, traveling during the off-season is also common to travel advice that can save you more expenses. Traveling during peak seasons would cost you more for traveling and accommodation booking, food, sightseeing, etc. Going to travel during the off-season would be more advantageous, as you find things cheaper, not to mention, there would be fewer people around your travel destination. The one thing that might come at a disadvantage is the weather condition, so make sure to check before traveling. 

Set a budget for your journey

When you are on vacation, you would be naturally tempted to splurge on your trips. Although it’s fine to do so, if you don’t get thrifty, it can surely limit your trip. Thus, you need to set a budget before going on a journey and calculating your expense. It would help you go overboard and spend too much within a single trip. 

Explore the free of cost local attractions

The local free walking guided tours are common, but if you put some effort into your research, you can surely find various cultural tours or UNESCO world heritage sites with more adventures. You can book for them in advance at a free or measly amount of cost. There are many travel destinations you can find to do things without spending much money. Choose a destination with a beautiful beach laze around or a place with many local attractions which you can enjoy walking around the town, so you don’t have to spend all your money. 

Try out the local street foods

Although it can’t beat the experience of enjoying a full meal course in a good restaurant, as a foodie, you can stick to exploring the local street food instead of familiar cuisine. It would save not only your expense but also enhance your local experience. Trying out local food can be super affordable no matter which destination you choose. 

Consider spending on travel insurance

Going abroad on vacations can have potential risks of facing many mishaps. Hence, you should spend on travel insurance to protect yourself against accidents. Generally, reliable travel insurance can cover many medical or accidental emergencies in various countries. They can also help you against non-medical instances, e.g., lost passport, baggage, etc. You might think of it as an unnecessary investment, but it can come in handy as you travel to various countries.  

Keep shopping and indulgence expenses aside

As you travel to new places, your desire to buy new, exciting and local souvenirs would rise. Try to fix your budget by setting aside your shopping and indulgence expenses, so you would not have to hold yourself back while going cheap with your travel expense. Save a separate budget for daily indulgence to buy local items, try a fancy meal, and more. 

Opt for easy and cheap accommodation

Another thing you can do to save more on traveling around the world is to opt for cheap accommodations. You can consider staying in inexpensive hotels, lodges, youth hostels, couch surfing, homestays, etc. Although they might not offer you much amenities as other luxurious stays, it would be your most affordable option to travel longer. Besides, if you are going to stay out the entire day during your travel, then choosing cheap accommodation might just become the perfect option for you. 

Traveling the world doesn’t have to be expensive if you know the tricks to spend smart and easy. Hopefully, the above tips have helped you identify where you can save your money and don’t fall into the tourist traps.