Flight is the quickest form of traveling offered in India but probably not the cheapest. It is sometimes becoming a burden for the pockets of the common person. It can ruin the budget of your entire trip single-handedly. Solo travelers, planning on a tight budget, find it very tough to go for an air journey. So here are certain tricks to book cheap flight tickets for your solo next trip. 

Start early

If you understand the procedure of booking air tickets, you already have learned that flight tickets gradually get expensive as the departure date gets nearer. Therefore, begin researching quite early. Normally, booking 2-3 months before your trip offers the best results

Be flexible with dates

Planning a cheap flight ticket gets a lot easier than you understand if you become flexible with your dates. The price of airline tickets varies to a huge extent on the dates and time of the year you plan to travel or the day of the week. If any upcoming holidays like Holi, Navratri, or Christmas fall during your journey, the prices will get higher quite normally. Similarly, mid-week days are quite always cheaper as compared to the weekends.

Go for budget airlines

Besides the general costly airlines, there are several cheap and budget airlines also available these days. These airlines let you plan on a low or moderate budget. Of course, there might not be any expensive meals or modernized gadgets available but several times you do not require them. So, if you desire to fly cheaply without making your pocket insecure, consider budget airlines.


Try alternative routes

Sometimes, trying an alternative route via connective flights becomes cheaper than flying to your destination directly. Also, you can utilize a nearby airport rather than a primary airport to get to your destination if it costs less. Always, try to get flexible with your route and search for a cheaper option.


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