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United States of America- Tour Guide

Welcome to the world of the United States of America, where you will experience a whole new life. Offering sightseeing from sea to the skyscrapers, the USA is a top tourist destination. Rest assured by Hollywood’s sensational films that familiarize us with America’s indigenous culture, sights, nightlife and much more to be explored. This tour guide will take you on an exciting voyage to America’s top tourist attractions to consider while planning your next vacations.

Flights and airport transfers

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Luggage packing tips

When it comes to sorting your baggage for the tour, watch for the weather diversity particularly. Temperature changes across the four seasons in the USA call for the right type of ensembles. It gets hotter in late spring and summer, specifically, South experiences humidity so pack up lighter stuff. Harsh winters in the Northeast or Midwest American regions have temperatures dropping below freezing point and necessitates adequate warm clothing such as gloves, caps, mufflers, etc. Southern America remains moderate during the winter season, so you can carry cardigans or light jackets along. Be sure to carry sunscreen along if you want to visit beaches or love sun-bathing. Tip: Travel light to have more fun!

Attractions in the USA

America offers countless wandering options, with so much to see and experience around. It would be fair to say that the only point to start roaming around depends upon one’s personal interest. Eastcoast New York sightseeing makes the walker stuns at every step with an overwhelmed sensation of walking into some Hollywood show set including the famous sites of Empire State Building, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. New York offers an array of shopping and dine-in options from having that romantic dinner once planned to hang out with friends and family. Go on a thrilling ride with Big Apple roller coaster whipping through multiple loops which leaves you in awe! To the West Coast, San Francisco offers crazy leisure strolling across its streets and a few picturesque views to get loaded from. You’ll find its weather quite pleasant and ideal to experience San Francisco Bay’s cruise tour and drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.
San Francisco city night life
In the mood for partying? No second thoughts to a roller-coaster Las Vegas. It is home to all those adult recreations and attractions. A timeless afternoon in Vegas can be very glittery and glamourous with bars and casinos all around. Plan a day trip to Death Valley National Park which is about 125 miles from Las Vegas (don’t forget to full your fuel tanks or batteries). The road trips across America holds a unique exquisiteness. Head towards the indispensable bucket-list destination of the Grand Canyon, that portrays iconic skylines across its southern and northern rims in Arizona. You can choose to live in well-designed surrounding accommodations. Themed parks, eateries, and hotels attract visitors to Florida and offer appealing sites for children as well, while beaches call for having a cherishable summertime. The magnificent beach sights of Miami are the reason attracting tourists down towards South Florida. Whether you are board-walking on the 21st to 45th Beach Street with many oceanfront hotels around or having family fun on Haulover Beach playing with sand and surfing waters or picnicking alongside cruises at South Pointe Park Pier Miami coast, you can always find a reason not to miss this spot. Far in North, Alaska‘s wilderness brings backpackers the majestic peaks of the Rockies perfect for hiking and landing into renowned Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks which are not to be under looked when in America. If you love diving in arts and culture, Chicago is the place for you, resting on the shores of Lake Michigan. Its vibrant parks, shopping areas, harbours, and riversides present a cocktail of happenings. The Magnificent Mile, one of the bustling avenues, will navigate you towards outstanding architecture and galleries. Tip: To avoid getting astray, always use Maps when new in town

Top picked hotels in the USA

There are a few handpicked hotels in America to consider while planning your visit. From a few cheap options to world-class hotels, America houses a whole lot. Get your area-based dream hotels booked and find flights to the USA with Flying1sky  to make the most out of your time and budget.

Tip: See more in less time by staying close to the main attractions