After you do your flight booking online checked-in at the airport with your luggage looking forward to boarding the plane and taking off but only to discover your flight is being delayed. Have you ever wondered why your flight is delayed? Flight delays are common to most airlines you can find or see. The delay can last for minutes or even hours in some cases and is not always related to safety issues on the aircraft, so you don’t have to worry. Why do we then have flight delays?

Waiting For Connection Luggage or Passengers

There are many passengers at busy airports especially international airports transiting to continue their journey. Your flight may be waiting for such passengers to board. Though most airlines won’t wait for connecting passengers to make use of their allotted time. But they might have to wait if the luggage of the connecting passengers is loaded already depending on the situation.
There are cases whereby flights are delayed due to ground handling of luggage as those in charge might need more time to transfer luggage to the aircraft. And as a matter of fact, no one will want to leave without his or her luggage or bags. Even airlines will not want to stay more than the expected time to avoid paying fine for being late.

Bad and Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme and bad weather can either cause flight delay or cancellation. Even if you are ready to take off and there is any snowstorm, typhoon or any other extreme weather conditions. The flight will be delayed to avoid any form of accident and depending on the severity of the weather it could last for hours.

Aircraft Preparation

Various procedures will be carried out to ensure the aircraft is ready for the next trip. Procedures like refuelling, cleaning the aircraft, preparing catering, security checks and all other necessary things. A flight that arrives late will have a delay in taking off because until it is ready for passengers there will be no boarding.

Late Arrival Of Aircraft

Every airline wants to keep as many as possible aircraft in the sky to get more revenue. As a result, they are always on a very tight schedule and the late arrival of aircraft to the airport will affect your flight.

Late Crews

The crews are responsible for cleaning and preparing the aircraft for the passenger before they board. That means if they are late in doing all they are supposed to do, you will have to wait a little bit longer than expected.


Listed above are just some of the possible reasons why your flight may be delayed. Whatever the reason may be for delaying your flight just know that is only for a few hours. It doesn’t matter if it is a cheap flight booking or not, if there is a delay in a particular aircraft it affects all the passengers. Next time your flight is delayed just chill.